If you can stitch it, we can frame it! Cross-stitches, long stitches, tapestry, quilting, black work, stump work and appliqué… the list goes on.

Embroideries can be framed in different ways but we recommend using archival mats (borders) as well as glass. This will ensure your loss stitch, long stitch, stump work etc… is protected from our Australian sun and other nasties like silver fish, insects and dust. All embroideries are stretched taut by hand, over archival foam core backing using stainless steel bridal pins so nothing rusts. We then stabilize/straighten by turning the stretched piece over and secure with special framers stitching tape.

Framing embroideries is a wonderful way of preserving and presenting your handiwork for future generations to come.

Hot Tip
Stitching tension is an important factor when it comes to the “squaring” of embroideries and therefore the finished presentation once framed. By setting aside a similar time each day to work on your embroidery, will help in maintaining a consistent hand temperature and tension. Doing this will avoid parts that have more “stretch” or are “tighter” than others, which overall offers a more consistent finish.